Volta Time

If you’ve been stuck at a desk all day, then a relaxed stroll around town can be a great way to de-stress in the evening.

The Greeks take this one step further with the concept of volta, a word with no direct English translation. Volta involves taking a leisurely stroll along the main promenade of your town during the hours of sundown. Rather than simply describing a casual walk, volta is a pastime that is shared with friends and neighbours, providing a social highlight to the close of the day.

Volta hails from the Mediterranean, and subsequently draws on the warm climate. The long hot summers in Greece boast stifling hot daytime temperatures, when locals would rather retreat indoors. When the temperatures drop to pleasant milder climates in the evenings, it is the perfect opportunity to wander around the town. As the sun sets, the meandering paths of the locals find themselves converging in the most scenic areas of the town, usually the main square or beside the sea.

You will enjoy some beautiful “voltes” with your fellow companions around the cobblestone pathways of Kardamyli. Enjoy the scent of sea and the bougainvillea as the sun slowly sets on yet another magnificent day.