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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to many of our frequently asked questions...

This is a retreat ideal for men and women aged 18 – 65 with a good level of fitness. Whether you’re travelling as a couple or solo, Aetherius Retreats is a wonderful way to meet like-minded people from Australia and other parts of the world. Do I need to be proficient in Yoga /Pilates/ HiiT Training / Functional Training? Nope! Providing you are keen to participate in these daily activities, and possess a regular level of fitness, you will be fine. Work at your own pace daily and you will be amazed how far you will come in just 7 days!
Please let us know of any pre-existing medical conditions that may inhibit you from participating in moderate exercise or that has required medical attention in the last 12 months.
We will grab some details from you in detail in our Pre-Retreat Questionnaire. This was we can ensure you can adequately and safely enjoy your experience with us.
Aetherius Kardamyli is a fully immersive Greek village life experience, and as such, we can safely offer regular and vegetarian requests.
YES! We strongly urge and recommend you consider a reputable and comprehensive Travel Insurance. Getting sick is not fun, can be stressful and can cost you thousands! Again….. YES to Travel Insurance!
Every accommodation option we feature offers complimentary Wifi.
Of course! If you are hooked up with SKYPE or another web based third party communications app, you can use wifi to communicate with your friends and family. You may also wish to enquire with your telecommunications provider regarding global roaming.

Aetherius Greece – best and easiest airport to arrive in is ATHENS INTERNATIONAL airport. From there, it’s a 200km road trip to Kardamyli Greece. Depending on where you are flying in from, you may be lucky enough to fly into KALAMATA AIRPORT. Kalamata to Kardamyli is about 40km’s away.

Should you require assistance with your transfer to and from the airport, we would be more than happy to assist and provide you costings.

Our retreats kick off from 7.30am on Monday, so we advise our guests to arrange to arrive Sunday afternoon at the latest, so we can meet you, settle you in and you can attend a Pre Retreat complimentary Meet & Greet on Sunday evening.
Yes – the retreat experience is ideal as you’ll be travelling with a group and an experienced facilitator for the entire week. You will meet some amazing and like minded people.

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