About Kardamyli

Kardamyli is a beautiful little seaside village located in West Mani, Greece. Home of the world famous Kalamata Olives, Kardamyli offer pristine, beautiful blue beaches, surrounded by spectacular mountains and hundreds of lush olive groves. Described as a treasure in the Winter and a jewel in the Summer, it’s a 3.5 hour drive from Athens or less than an hour from Kalamata. Understated, and oozing with rustic charm, it remains one of Greece’s best kept secrets.

The Beaches
of Kardamyli

Beautiful, crystal blue waters feature in the village. The most popular strip of beach is known as “The Ritsa” and depending on your preference, you can enjoy a quieter experience at the 1st and 2nd section of “The Ritsa”, or get amongst the people at the 3rd “Ritsa”. Each area is naturally sectioned by small rock formations. The area boasts some of Greece’s most spectacular coastlines, ranging from pebbles beaches, to fine gravel. A good idea is to bring with you some reef shoes to fully enjoy the Kardamyli beach experience.

Practical Information

The standard electric current in Greece is 220V AC (50Hz). Australian appliances work perfectly well - no transformers required, however, you will need to bring power plug adaptors – Greece uses the standard European plugs.

There are 3 main Telecommunication providers in Greece. Cosmote is the largest with the best coverage – if you are with Telstra in Australia, you will have access to Cosmote in Greece. Vodafone users will have access to the Vodafone Greece network and Optus users will have access to WIND Hellas. International Roaming charges may apply, so please ensure you check with your Australian provider BEFORE you leave. In Kardamyli, Cosmote has the best overall coverage.

There is a Post Office located in the centre of the village – operating 8am to 2pm weekdays. There is also a branch of the Piraeus Bank which operates every Wednesday from 9am to 2pm. Piraeus Bank and Alpha Bank atm’s are also located in the village – should you require to withdraw cash from your account, however, all restaurants, café’s, gift shops and supermarkets accept VISA & Mastercard, with fewer outlets accepting American Express cards.

Cafés, Bars and Restaurants

For such a small, seaside village, there’s an abundance of amazing bars, café’s and restaurants in Kardamyli. There is a beautiful fusion of modern and traditional café’s and bars – all of them featuring the warm and genuine hospitality that the Greeks are famous for. The village offers a rich palette of atmospheres, colour and flavours – and this is evident by the mix of “social vibe” of Kardamyli.

Noteworthy places include (but by no means limited to) the following...